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Power Management


* Industrial UPS
* AC-DC and DC-DC Converter
* Ammeters and Voltmeters (AC & DC)
* Frequency Meters
* Transformers
* Circular Connectors

Data Acquisition

* Electronic Image Converter
* Sampling A/D Converter
* Multi Channel Complete Data Acquisition
* Sample and Hold Amplifier
* CMOS Flash A/D
* A/D and D/A Converter
* Multiplexer
* Legacy Amplifier

Other Information

Our wide range of RF/Microwave products covers from DC to millimeterwave in hundreds Ghz and handles low power to high power in Kilowatts.
We supply products in both COTs and Customized solutions across different packages such as SMT, IC, MMIC, Drop-In, Modules and 19" rack enclosure.